Central Vacuum System is a system that is an alternative to traditional portable vacuum cleaners. Such a system can now be used in any newly built and repaired the house. Installation in buildings inhabited also, of course, is possible but it is related to the conduct of pipes and some compromises.

How does a central vacuum cleaner

Central Vacuum System consists of:

  • suction unit is commonly called a central vacuum cleaner, which usually is mounted permanently in the garage, basement or utility room. Central vacuum cleaner is equipped with a transparent tank sucked during suction pollution.
  • system made of 2 “PVC pipe. Its mission is to transport contaminants from the suction points to the central unit. Piping is carried out in walls, floors or technical areas.
  • points suction , which may be: a suction socket for connecting a flexible hose, shovel automatic socket Retraflex hose, suction hose from the tank VROOM or Wallyflex. It is very important to the design of the system strategically to arrange points suction so that the surface cleaning covered the entire surface of the house or apartment.

The choice of the central vacuum should take in view of his family. More and more often in homes there are device or heating systems, which cause considerable circulation of dust and allergens. As is well known central vacuum system reduces the amount of these impurities and allows us to enjoy the good mood.

Why central vacuum cleaner is better than the traditional?

  • you do not have to carry it up the stairs or pull behind;
  • Lightweight hose, usually with a length of 9 meters is much more convenient to use than pulling during cleaning vacuum cleaner with 1.5 – 2 meter suction hose.
  • suction Central vacuum cleaner is greater than the traditional (they have a much larger motor), thus effectively collects all impurities;
  • sucked together with air pollution, after passing through the vacuum cleaner, is filtered. Then it is thrown out of the building, and not as an ordinary vacuum cleaner – back into the room. As a result, when vacuuming stirs up no dust on surfaces that are not yet cleaned. Do not feel it all over the house odor that is so characteristic of the traditional vacuum cleaner.
  • dust and garbage is collected in a container with a capacity from a few to 20-30 liters, and this is usually sufficient for 4-8 months

Vacuums traditional should be light, small, quiet and effective in filtering the air, because it goes back into the room.

In turn, the central vacuum cleaner can these conditions do not meet. There has to be light because hangs on the wall and no one wears. For the benchtop size, they are not essential. Noise in general do not need to worry, because I hear it only in a utility room or garage, not in sprzątanym room. As for the accuracy of filtration in the central vacuum cleaner it is only intended to protect the motor unit. The accuracy of filters do not affect the quality of cleaning.

For these reasons, you can not directly compare the performance of central vacuum cleaners and portable , eg. Their power. This electric power drawn from the mains and does not translate directly to the suction power and airflow. In portable vacuum cleaner produced most of the pressure to suppress what filters. But then without cleaning it would not work. It is difficult to directly compare the costs associated with buying and prices vacuum cleaners central and traditional.

There is a group of people who should be especially recommend a central vacuum. These are people allergic to dust. In the case of a central vacuum cleaner, once dragged into the dust certainly will not hit again into the room.

During operation, you can not hear the whistle of air that is blown out. The condition is to place the gun not more than 30 cm above the ground. Then I removed the air strikes the ground, which significantly reduces noise. Equally effective it is to direct the exhaust air to a free ventilation duct in a masonry chimney.

Central vacuum cleaner allows you to use many additional features not available for portable systems. An example is the automatic dustpan, which is mounted to the floor in the kitchen, or vestibule. Just podmieść underneath dust, sand or other debris, then lightly press the foot switch on and pollution will go a network of wires to the unit.

Accessories for central vacuum cleaner

Not without significance is also a large number of different accessories that can be purchased – for example, brushes for upholstery, clothing, blinds, computer keyboard, and even to clean animals.