Intercom service Manchester with regular intercom repair, service, and maintenance like also we can supply from our electrical online store to keep your intercom fully functional at all times, ensuring the highest level of security for your premises, staff and equipment.

What do we do?

At ELCONNECTION LTD, we install and repair all audio and video door entry systems from small residential systems to large blocks of flats and commercial premises. We work for landlords, a property management company’s and also private tenants in and around Great Manchester, with high standards and first-time repairs on most systems you can be sure that we will give you a safe, reliable service with a guarantee for materials and repairs for up to two years. We have all the expertise to conduct intercom system servicing and maintenance for you and your building.

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An intercom system allows communication from and to an entrance point to the property, providing you and your family with a secure means of admission of visitors to your home.

DS Securities offers a complete range of Intercom systems designed to meet any residential market installation requirement.   We offer a full range of intuitive and straightforward solutions to suit all budgets and tastes, as well as encompassing the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) to improve access for all.

Audio intercoms usually consist of a call point at the entry point and a phone type handset inside the property. The intercom unit can be set up to remotely open a gate or entrance door directly from the handset.  Video intercom systems add a camera at the entry point with a video screen incorporated into the central unit. This allows you to see who is at the door, or gate, before you remotely open it, providing additional peace of mind and security.

We also supply multi-user systems for a complex of multiple dwellings, and our systems can be integrated with your CCTV, Building Management or Intruder Alarm systems.  We also provide GSM mobile or landline technology for locations where a hard-wired door entry system cannot be installed.


Intercom installation Manchester whether you have a large company or a smaller office space can benefit significantly from the right intercom system installation.

Even a lot of homeowners are now looking to install an intercom to help them communicate more conveniently with others in the home.

No matter what your needs may be or if you have residential or commercial space. You will find that working with a professional for intercom systems will be the best way to go.

Did you know that you can answer your front door by only using your smartphone? The right intercom system will work with some of the latest technology to add value to your business or home with a simple installation.

All of the top intercom products are available through the professionals to add an incredible amount of value to your space.

If you already have an intercom system in your home that may be a bit out of date. Working with professionals will also give you everything you need to upgrade.

With a simple evaluation of your home and your set up. You can decide whether it will be best to upgrade what you have or be more efficient and cost-effective to install a completely new system.

Depending on your needs, you can put together intercom systems for your home or your office that will bring tremendous value and ease to your day to day function and interactions.

Before you know it, you will be communicating with ease and using all of the latest technology that is available in the world of intercoms.


Intercom repair Manchester, we repair all audio and video door entry systems from small residential systems to large blocks of flats and commercial premises. We work for everybody: landlords, property management companies, and private tenants around Great Manchester. With the high standards and first-time repairs on most systems. You can be sure to give you a safe and reliable service with a guarantee for materials and repairs for up to two years.

Faults are fixed within 48 hours of call out or in the case of being a repair that needs a particular part an intercom repair engineer will attend site with the relevant elements as soon as possible. When we replace pieces, we will test the system and issue an invoice with a guarantee on the repair based on the system’s condition and age. It is usually a year, but depending on the system’s age, it can be up to two years.

Video Intercom systems

These systems are becoming more popular in the UK, allowing the user to see who is trying to contact them utilising high definition cameras. It has become more cost-effective to opt for colour than black & white cameras in recent times.


  • Improved security; these systems immediately add an extra layer of protection to most business and domestic environments. Video intercom systems are prevalent in high-security premises and vulnerable people’s housing.
  • App-based technology; modern video intercom systems are taking advantage of the app revolution! Specialist systems now include two-way conversations and door unlock functionality on mobile phone or tablet.
  • IP based systems; more significant or more spread out sites that previously required expensive and time-consuming cable runs can now take advantage of the IP based intercom system. By cabling each panel and communication point directly to your network and bringing it back to a central interface, you can significantly reduce your expenditure on the wired alternative.


Audio Intercom systems

These traditional intercom systems are still commonplace in the UK and are always requested in several new build and retrofit locations. They tend to be more cost-effective and more straightforward to install than a new video-based intercom.


  • A cost-effective solution; if you are looking to improve communication between two or more points on a budget, then a modern audio intercom can be an attractive option. When there is no operational requirement for video communication, it can be expensive. Audio systems are typically anywhere between 20 – 50% cheaper than Video.
  • IP based systems; Modern audio-only systems are also able to take advantage of IP based technology. As with video intercom, this means you reduce your project cost by sending Voice Over IP (VOIP) instead of cabling back from remote locations. Audio intercom over IP also contributes less traffic to your network, presenting less of a headache than a potentially bandwidth-hungry video-based system.

Is your faulty intercom system needs to be repaired??

We will glad to help you with your issue. A quote from us for on the spot or by email for the repair or replacement. If the quote is accepted, the engineer has the parts in stock. The engineer will then commence the installation of your door entry intercom as soon as possible.


We supply, install, repair and maintenance for you any brand of intercom and all of the leading brands of intercom:

Our knowledge allows for fixing anything in the intercom service market in Manchester.

Get in touch with us, explain your entry phone’s symptoms, and we will advise you on what steps to take.


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