Price of the central vacuum system

A central vacuum system is a more interesting and still popular alternative in the World. Many people have deterred the prospect of incurring excessive costs. A pity – because the solution is ideal for all sizes of surfaces, especially if you live in them with allergic, asthma or lost hair quadruped. The central vacuum provides many functional solutions, including the ergonomics of the vacuum cleaner and its quiet operation and precise air purification without blowing part of the dust. Which proves the uniqueness of such a solution.

Central vacuum system – ideal

The central vacuum cleaning system is the central element of the engine installed in the utility room, boiler room, basement, garage or wardrobe. Where is the engine, filters and dirt container. The CPU switches remotely, hence the need to install a low voltage control linking all suction outputs to the central unit. The vacuum unit is connected to the suction inlets after the design of the installation. Due to the sophistication and scope of the entire system, having a central vacuum cleaner should be planned at the design stage and do the work.

An unquestionable advantage is the complete elimination of the vacuum cleaner’s suction air from the circulation building. The air is removed, without causing secondary pollution of dust that is not trapped by filters and an inflatable vacuum cleaner.

In areas requiring frequent sweeping, an automatic dustpan can be installed.
This is not a gap at ground level, sand sucking, mud or crumbs.

How much does it cost?
Central vacuum system price.

The approximate cost of a central vacuum system with installation is £1000-3000 inc. VAT. Estimated price includes the all necessary components for their installation. However, the price may diverge due to many factors.

Once every five years worth of commission a review of the installation from an authorised distributor.
You should every two years, check the status of the motor brushes. Depending on the cleaning frequency you should maintenance frequently to avoid fault system. Other manipulation is the same as a traditional vacuum cleaner and can be made independently.