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What we offer as Electrician MAnchester 24/7 ??

Electrician Manchester 24/7 offer all electrical service, in the Great Manchester area from small to large projects. From replacing the lamp, socket for full rewire or part rewire. We do wiring in the whole house, office or shop, HMO. We are not afraid of any tasks entrusted to us. We are qualified electricians and use good quality materials. We can give you a 2-3 years warranty, on all our small and large projects. In addition, we offer fire alarm, IntercomCCTV monitoring, LED lighting, emergency lighting, data networkburglar alarm.

Our three main specializations

Electrician Manchester

Electrician Mnchester 247 provide:
* Electrical Installation
* CCTV system
* Burglar Alarm
* Network installation
* Intercom (Audio and Video)
* Advice, Supply, Installation, Repairs, Maintenance
* Electrician Manchester on your service
       No Job Too Small Or Too Big,
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CAPITAL Electrical Wholesalers Manchester UK


CAPITAL Electrical Wholesalers Manchester:
* Advice/ Design all types of systems
* Supply materials for all types of the Installation system
* Fitting and Repairs
* Electrical Installation/ KNX System/ CCTV System/ Burglar Alarm / LED Lights
* Delivery to your home/ office or even your site and more…….  or

Central Vacuum Store Manchester UK


Central Vacuum Store Manchester provide:
* Advice/ Design all types of Central Vacuum System Installation
* Supply materials for all types of Vacuum Cleaners
* Sell, Installation and Repairs all types of Vacuum Cleaners
* System Retraflex and Hide-A-Hose
* You will find everything that your domestic, industrial or commercial vacuum cleaners needs
* Portable and Central Vacuum System


ELCONNECTION T/A CAPITAL Electrical Wholesalers Manchester, we supply a wide range of electrical equipment for Electrical installations, Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, CCTV System, Emergency Lighting. Like also for TV / SAT installation, Data / Network Installation. Audio and Video intercom, Access Control, KNX System. The appliance replacement/ spare parts for each domestic, industrial, or commercial property and more. You can find everything you need for your home and the company( Click Here).


If you have a faulty appliance problem, we can supply replacement parts or spare parts for your appliance. We also provide appliance repairs in Manchester.

We are also offering a Central Vacuum System for people with allergies to dust or asthma. The best to put is when you do any renovation work.





Domestic Electrician Manchester

If you need a Licensed Electrician Manchester. During something unexpectedly broke at your place. We offer you dependable services

Electrician Manchester 24/7 from ELCONNECTION LTD can assist in every trouble you find yourself in. Our qualified personnel and long experience in providing domestic electrical services in the Manchester area, guarantee your satisfaction. If you want your home to function properly. You should contact our domestic Electrician Manchester 24/7 to do a maintenance check and make sure everything works the way it is supposed to.

Electrical Repairs Manchester

Electrician Manchester 24/7 by ELCONNECTION LTD  brings professional, and reliable electrical repairs and other services, to Manchester houses. Our electricians are certified and competent, willing to help you in need. They can institute new electrical equipment for you or re-wire your place. Moreover, their experience with centralized vacuum systems allows them to be extremely efficient when it comes to even the smallest electrical services, such as simple part replacements or sockets installation.

Along with electrical repairs in the Manchester area. We offer assistance with fire and burglar alarms, LED and emergency lighting, and monitoring.

Network Installation Manchester

Network installation is the installation of a computer network used in offices and homes.
This is the installation of cabling for phones, network printers, the internet, etc.

We understand that a competent IT infrastructure is vital, to the efficiency of your business. Elconnection Ltd also prides itself on delivering consistently high standards. As well as maintaining a professional image. Our team of qualified engineers has been with Elconnection from the very early years. We offer IT Network Installation at home, office shop, HMO, block of flats in the Greater Manchester Area.

Network installation

Central Vacuum System/ Built-in Vacuum Cleaners

Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum System UK is an installation for people with allergies and 100% clean house without dust.

As you know, with the traditional vacuum cleaner everything that we did. A few hours ago the dust fell back, with the built-in system of vacuum cleaners this problem. It is not because all the dirt is stored in one, and the remnants are expelled outside. Which guarantees us 100% clean house, and bulge for allergy sufferers. The vacuum cleaner unit is installed in the outermost location, from the residential area, beneath the scooter, basement, utility room, garage.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm Manchester, Fire alarm system Manchester,

CCTV Systems

CCTV system provide by our team in Manchester

Security Alarm Systems

Security alarm system Manchester, burglar alarm manchester, burglar alarm installation manchester, seciuryti sytem installation manchester


intercom service manchester intercom repairs manchester, intercom installation manchester, intercom manchester, audio and video door entryintercom service manchester intercom repairs manchester, intercom installation manchester, intercom manchester

Electrical repairs

electrical repairs Manchester

Domestic electrician

Emergency Lighting

emergency lighting manchester

Data Networks

Network installation Manchester

LED Lighting

Led lighting Manchester

Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum System knows as built-in vacuum cleaner. We cover Manchester, North-West & UK

Electrical Certificate

Electrical certificates like Electrical Installation condition report( EICR) for agents, landlords and tenant. Landlord certificate


CAPITAL Electrical Wholesalers Manchester

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